Best Sex Toys For Gay Men

Your Ultimate Naughty Shopping List

Sex toys should be an essential part of every gay man’s love life – so here’s some inspiration for you!

Looking to invest in some sex toys in 2019? Then allow us to run through some of the most popular options out there. Whether you’re a single guy just starting to experiment or you’re an experienced man with an adventurous sex life, there’s going to be a toy that’s perfect for you. By buying your gay sex toys from Esmale, you’ll be able to get your hands on some great products at incredible prices.

Put a ring on it

Cock rings are one of the most popular gay sex toys, and it’s not hard (pardon the pun!) to see why. Cheap, easy to use and suitable for both fun with a partner and solo play, they’re the perfect addition to your budding sex toy collection. Cock rings keep you harder for longer, so will improve your performance in the bedroom. Plus, vibrating cock rings add a whole other dimension of sensation, making sex better for both you and your partner. Esmale stock a large range of cock rings, so you’re sure to find the perfect one in no time at all.

Get a buzz from your toys

Vibrators have often been thought of as a girl’s sex toy, but there’s no reason why ladies should get to have all the fun! Vibrators aren’t just all Rampant Rabbits – there are plenty that are designed with just men in mind. Prostate massagers are curved and shaped to hit that most sensitive of erogenous zones, while some are slimmer and more suited to beginners. With lots of great lube to hand, a vibrator is sure to transform a lonely night in into an unforgettably erotic experience. Just remember to stock up on batteries first!

Keep it simple

The original, and arguably the most well-known sex toy in the world, a dildo takes some beating when it comes to anal play. If you’re a stickler for detail, then try out a super-realistic dildo. Shaped just like the real thing, with all the veins and ridges that you’d expect, you’ll soon forget that you’re using a toy! If you want to experience all the pleasure that a dildo can bring alongside your partner, then why not try out a double-ended model? Then there will be no squabbling about who’s topping or bottoming!

Small but perfectly formed

Butt plugs are another toy ideally suited to beginners, as they can be used to work your way up to bigger things. That doesn’t mean that they’re just a stop gap until you advance on to ‘better’ toys though. No, butt plugs should be incorporated into every gay guy’s sex life, regardless of his level of experience. A butt plug can be worn for a prolonged period of time as foreplay, and can even be worn during oral sex to intensify an orgasm. Work your way up from smaller, no-frills plugs to larger and/or vibrating models.

Treat yourself!

Now that you know what you’re looking for, why not do a little bit of shopping this weekend? All of Esmale’s orders ship in discreet, plain packaging. So, you can have them delivered anywhere with complete peace of mind. Whether you go mad or just invest in one product, you’ll be having lots of fun between the sheets.

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