Escort website marketing tips

There are so many things that you need to make sure you reach the appropriate fans for your escort business on London. One of them is creating a website that is both easy to use and keeping in line with your typical Escort websites. But it doesn’t end there. In the old days, there was no competition in this kind of business. Competition keeps growing every day, especially in big cities like London were Escort agencies are appearing almost daily. This makes it hard to attract the right people to your website who can, in turn, be clients for your girls. Here are some tips that will help you market your website.

Search like a customer

This is one of the best ways to beat your opponents. Use Google to snoop on them. For example, if your agency is in London, you can search for “London Escorts” in Google.co.uk . This will give you the results of the top Escort sites in London. These will be your main competitors which means you can visit their website and pay attention to the techniques they are using and therefore improve your own strategies.

Use Snapchat

The internet is full of tools that can help you to boost your website ranking, increase traffic, and have more clients. With Snapchat, you can link your escort site to the snaps. This can in return drive more traffic to the adult website. The Snapchat app does not have a content constraint and together with its nature of attention, you will have the chance to connect with your likely clients. They are also likely to click on the links.

Share quality and informative content on forums.

Before you start posting, search for the best forums and directories for the escort website. A quick search on Google will give you several directories and forums where you can post informative content. By posting on directories, you get a link to your website. By sharing content on forums, you get exposure which translates to more traffic to your adult website. What we are saying here is that you should be an active member of different forums and communities that are similar to yours. Even as you seek to get more traffic, avoid spamming forums. Read their rules first before you post anything.

Use videos

These days, videos are considered the best tool for marketing. Apart from posting commercial videos, consider sharing clips from behind the setting and others from the picture shots. Ensure that you have clips for every escort you have in your business. Let them list their interests and skills it will help attract more clients.

Use Instagram

This is one of the leading social media platforms. It has more than 800 million registered users. This makes it one of the best marketing platform. It is a good place for escorts and models who wish to drive traffic to their websites. Instagram lets you share videos and pictures as well as engage with their possible clients. Apart from that, it allows you to link to your escort website. The more engagement you have on this site the more traffic you will have to your adult escort site. The secret is to post the best images and utilize the right hashtags. Ensure you respond to questions and comments on your posts.


If you just set up your website, you now have the techniques you need to market it and get more clients. Happy marketing!

Common misunderstandings about escorts

Hiring the services of an escort while on a trip is one of the most satisfying experience you will have. But not everyone agrees with this fact. It is without a doubt that you have heard several tales about escorts. Most of them are not true. If you haven’t heard about these misconceptions, here are some of them.

It is illegal

Most people consider the escort business to be illegal. Contrary to this myth, being an escort is legal. If you go to France, you will realize that their escorts pay taxes. The reason why being an escort is legal is that men pay for the escort’s time and entertainment. Paying for sex is just a misconception and you should not expect it from your companion.

Escorts have tiny waists and big breasts

Some individuals think escorts are proportional. Escorts feature all walks of life from thin, slender, to the fat ones. They come from all races, body types, and societies and most of them are flourish escorts.

Escorts are not clever

This is one of the craziest misconceptions I have ever heard about escorts. When it comes to escorts, it is not all about appearance. You need more than a beautiful face to be an on-demand escort. Unique and on-demand companions have excellent conversational skills and wits. Therefore, don’t look at escorts and think they are not smart. Some of them are students and graduates.

They are all money led

While this could be a misconception, it is also a fact. There are some escorts who are students in universities and escort services are their way of paying for their tuition fees. However, not all think about the amount of money you are offering. Others charge based on their skills and the satisfaction they will offer you.

Escort is an alternative name for prostitutes

Most people believe that escorts are prostitutes glorifying themselves. If you are one of those who believes in this, I have something for you. Escorts are not prostitutes. They trade their time and not the body to customers and their services are legal.

It is not real work

Although the escort business is different from other jobs, it is a legitimate one. An escort needs to be at the agreed place and time. Therefore, an escort business is like other businesses and that is why they need to dress well and behave in a professional manner.  If they fail to take it like any other work, escorts could lose their clients.

They do everything their client wants

There are rules for escorts and also boundaries which they shouldn’t cross. They have the freedom to reject the requests from clients regardless of the money they might lose. They can refuse to drink, have sex or take drugs, and anything they find degrading or humiliating.


Well, you now know the facts and misconceptions about escorts. If you wish to become one or have a friend who does this job, you can now respect her as you do with other businesses.

Before you start an escort agency, read this

Although it is easy to start an escort agency these days than it was many years ago, it still remains a demanding project. There are so many things you have to deal with including security. You have to be ready on how to handle various people who will stare at you thinking you are crazy. There is still mockery from the society because people look at it as prostitution. But whatever people perceive about this industry should not be a hindrance to starting this business. If you are planning to start this business. Below are some of the things that will make this road smooth for you.

Who is eligible to start an escort agency?

Perhaps your question is, who is eligible to own an agency? There are no restrictions on who is eligible and who is not. Anybody can set up his escort agency and run it. This business is profitable and most people are getting into it. While anyone can set up an agency, most of the successful agencies are ran by people who were once escorts. This is because they know the ins and outs of this business. If you have been an escort previously, you know how to handle different challenges faced by different clients.

When it comes to matters of security, it becomes easy to shield your escort when you understand what they go through. But this doesn’t mean other people cannot have a successful escorting agency.

Is it legal?

This is one of the common questions that cross the minds of many each time they want to start this kind of business. Escort business is legal in some countries like France, the UK, and America. For example, if you are going to start an escort business or want to become an escort in France, you should know that you are required to pay tax. All you need to do is to abide by the rules in an orderly way. Ensure you make yourself familiar with your country’s rules before starting up the business.

Escort recruiting

Like all other businesses, finding the right employee is not easy. You have to examine them carefully. The best way you recruit good escorts for your new agency is to check the websites where escorts advertise themselves. Check the escort directories and websites so you can find independent companions for your locations. After that, the next step is to contact them through email and introduce your new agency. Avoid sending emails to escort agencies because you might upset them.


Most people think that starting an escort agency means having an office, many receptionists, and phone numbers. But that is wrong. If you are still decorating your office, you better stop now. This should be the last thing. After all, clients are not going to come to see you. All they need is to book the girls. The best thing you can do with the money you have is to market your business so you can have several bookings a month. Ensure you understand the needs of the clients and that of the girls. Prioritize their safety as you do with yours.